Improving Nunganala

This project is designed to improve capacity and skills of new Narrap Team members and increase the number of Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung and other Indigenous people working on Country. The project proposes to provide funding to the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung to undertake important habitat restoration works including weed and pest animal control at the site. 

The weed management aspect of this project will be undertaken as part of an ongoing process. Two of the primary targets, Holly and Sweet Pittosporum, are woody weeds and it is suitable for the smaller plants to be pulled all year round (the wetter months make the soil looser and the work easier). The Japanese Honeysuckle can also be tackled at any time of the year and will be treated appropriately where identified on the property. The Narrap Team women have done comprehensive weed mapping of the property for these species and will use the data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the project. 

A deer management plan will be devised based on the current program of monitoring that the Narrap team are undertaking. The data from the monitoring will provide an understanding of the number and the pathways that the deer are using across the property to get to the waterways and wallows. The fencing will occur in the warmer months when the deer move towards the higher altitudes.