Yarra4Life’s program area encompasses 82,000 hectares of the Yarra Valley extending from the foothills of the Yarra Ranges to the north, Cardinia Reservoir in the south and flanked by the Dandenong Ranges and Bunyip State Park. The area contains significant biodiversity values on private land, public reserves and within state and national parks, with Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve located in the centre. 

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10 February 2021
Yarra4Life supporting our Faunal Emblems
Community groups in the Yarra Valley are taking action to protect two of Victoria’s faunal emblems - the Helmeted Honeyeater...
8 May 2020
Want to get involved?
Yarra4Life, is seeking nominations to join the Yarra4Life Coordination Committee. Membership of the Yarra4Life Coordination...
1 November 2019
Works continue at Burrungma Biik
Restoration works are continuing at Burungma Biik in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. This 3.4 hectare site was...