Yarra4Life Governance

Yarra4Life is governed by the Yarra4Life Coordination Committee. Members of the committee are appointed by Melbourne Water using the provisions from the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. The committee is governed by the Yarra4Life Coordination Committee Charter, ratified in 2008, which states the rules and responsibilities of the Committee.

Committee membership

Melbourne Water appoints the Chair and all other members of the committee. The committee aims to have a membership that provides a mix of relevant skills from Yarra4Life stakeholders, that are actively involved in natural resource management in the Yarra Valley. 

Membership to the committee is sought through public advertisement and invitations to stakeholder organisations every three years. Members may be re-appointed at the end of their term.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The committee will act as a Board of Management for the Yarra4Life program. The committee will have responsibility to undertake roles including:

  • Implement the strategic directions and management principles for Yarra4Life as outlined in the Yarra4Life Strategic Plan
  • Review and amend the strategic directions and management principles for Yarra4Life as required
  • Oversee, and report to the  Melbourne Water Board on, all aspects of the development and management of Yarra4Life including financial management and on-ground performance
  • Identify priority projects within Yarra4Life area
  • Seek and source funding and resourcing for Yarra4Life in line with relevant Melbourne Water sponsorship policy
  • Determine the allocation of funding that has been secured for Yarra4Life (where there is some discretion to do so)
  • Guide the work program of the Yarra4Life Coordinator in collaboration with the relevant – Melbourne Water manager
  • Advise the – Melbourne Water Board of emerging Yarra4Life issues and recommend strategies by which these might be addressed
  • Identify and foster opportunities for integration and cooperation between programs, agencies and the community relevant to Yarra4Life
  • Promote the Yarra4Life project to potential sponsors, government, stakeholders and local communities
  • Provide advice and opportunities for collaboration to the agencies that are devising and implementing the Yellingbo Conservation Area 10 Year Plan.

Yarra4Life Coordinator

The overall strategic and executive support of the committee is undertaken by a Yarra4Life Coordinator, employed by Melbourne Water. This position supports the committee, is guided by the committee and works in line with the direction of the committee. The position is accountable to an appropriate Melbourne Water Manager to ensure satisfactory work performance and that day-to-day line management, mentorship and leadership is provided for the position.

Financial management

Implementation of the Yarra4Life Business Plan involves funding from various sources and organisations, and involves various partnership arrangements. Some of the funds are provided directly to Yarra4Life. These funds are managed and reported on by Melbourne Water through specific Yarra4Life project accounts within the  financial management system.

The committee oversees the allocation and expenditure of these funds. The committee develops an annual budget for Yarra4Life funds (to be approved by Melbourne Water) which is included in the Melbourne Water financial management system. 

A financial report is generated by Melbourne Water from the accounts and provided to the committee for consideration at each of its regular meetings.

Coordination Committee members

The current Coordination Committee consists of representatives from the following partner organisations.

  • Melbourne Water
  • Parks Victoria
  • Yarra Ranges Council
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • The Friends of Helmeted Honeyeater
  • Yarra Ranges Landcare Network
  • Trust for Nature
  • Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia
  • Victorian National Parks Association
  • Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum
  • Zoo’s Victoria
  • Cardinia Council
  • Yarra River Keeper Association
  • Hydroterra

Committee performance

The committee reviews its performance on an annual basis and provides any consequent recommendations to Melbourne Water.