Want to get involved?

8 May 2020

Yarra4Life, is seeking nominations to join the Yarra4Life Coordination Committee.

Membership of the Yarra4Life Coordination Committee is renewed every three years, as per our Charter. The current Committee term is due to expire 30 June 2020. We are now seeking nominations for the new Committee, for the period of July 2020 to June 2023. Current members are encouraged to re-apply, but new nominations are also welcome.

The Yarra4Life Committee aims to comprise a mix of relevant skills from the local community groups and major Yarra4Life stakeholders. This includes representatives from public land managers and regional-level community/interest groups. The PPWCMA Board will make the final decision regarding the new appointments.

Further information about Yarra4Life governance, Committee responsibilities, and a list of current members.

To nominate for a position on the new Yarra4Life Coordination Committee, please download the form below and return to the email address provided.

The latest Yarra4LifeCoordination Committee Charter is also provided. Please submit your nomination by Friday 22 May.