Investment opportunities

Yarra4Life has a range of investment opportunities to suit the corporate social responsibility needs of business.

The project area has some unique qualities that make it an attractive area to invest. The Yarra Valley is one of Melbourne’s most beautiful and productive wine regions, it is rich in biodiversity, includes some of Victoria’s most important plant and animal species and it is a viable area for fresh produce.

This paints a picture of an area that needs little help, but the opposite is true. Investment in the area is necessary to protect the unique plant and animal species and other natural assets that make the Yarra Valley such a beautiful and unique place to visit.

Sourcing funding

Yarra4Life encourages the community, government and business to invest in the program and Yarra region to achieve the programs aims.

The program has already received significant funding from the Australian and State Government, and support from Victorian government agencies and local governments to plan and implement the program. Funding has also been recently received from corporate investors and a philanthropic organisation to implement the program.

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