Key environmental challenges in the Yarra Valley are:

Ecosystem disturbance

Only 30% of the original native habitat remains.  Victoria’s emblems, the Helmeted Honeyeater and Leadbeater’s Possum rely on these areas but are threatened with extinction due to habitat deterioration. There is a compelling need to create, protect and connect habitat on private land between the reserves and nearby park.

Poor water quality affecting the health of Port Phillip Bay

Natural water flows in local rivers and creeks have diminished and quality has declined due to nutrient, sediment and toxicant inputs.  Without intervention these pollutants flow into the Yarra River and eventually make their way to Port Phillip Bay.

Ongoing support for the Yarra environment and corporate investment is needed to ensure that we can contiue to protect and enhance the natural environment and safeguard both the natural assets and the productive agricultural land in the yarra region.